Niall Horan Shines in Vevo’s New Live Performance Series ‘Extended Play’

Niall Horan Stars in Vevo’s “Extended Play” Series

Niall Horan is starring in the first episode of Vevo’s freshly launched live performance series, “Extended Play.” Premiering today, the franchise welcomes artists to spotlight their songwriting and music-making with an intimate showcase of their tracks in various locations.

Stripped-Back Renditions of New Songs

Horan delivers stripped-back renditions of songs like “You Should Start a Cult,” “On a Night Like Tonight,” and more from his new album, “The Show.” In the muli-song series, fans can expect to see and hear about Horan’s creative process and reflections on his latest album cycle.

A Special Experience

“Performing live is my favorite thing to do,” shared Horan. “To bring the songs I’ve spent so much time with, seen through from start to finish is an amazing feeling. Shooting these performances with Vevo was a really special experience. I was able to go back to the place where I made the music, an area of California I adore and have spent a lot of time in over my career. To have these big songs played in an intimate setting is beautiful to me.”

Exploring the Artistic Journey

All of the episodes of “Extended Play” begin the same: in an anchor space that steadily evolves through different locations, showing viewers the evolution of the music and workflow via jam sessions, the reworking of lyrics and readjusted arrangements and melodies.

A Platform for Vulnerability

“It’s an opportunity for artists to articulate the deeper meaning behind their art and linger in a certain vulnerability while doing so, which can be a difficult task for those who are ‘on’ when performing,” said JP Evangelista, Vevo’s senior vice president of content, programming, and marketing.

Capturing the In-Between Moments

Added Chris Pereira, Vevo’s executive producer, “It was important to us that we worked with an artist who understood the very particular vision we were trying to capture: the intimate, behind-the-scenes moments that are paramount to making the bigger, show-stopping moments of careers happen. While these ‘in-between’ times are often quieter, there is always an incredibly distinct allure to that quiet – this is when artists can truly be themselves, and that’s the true beauty in ‘Extended Play.'”

A Collaborative History

Niall previously worked with Vevo in 2019, releasing studio performances of “Nice to Meet Ya” and “Put A Little Love On Me.”

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