Nick Cannon calls Eminem “KKK of his generation” in Diss’s latest title

Nick Cannon wasn’t playing when he said he really wanted “ALL the smoke” with Eminem.

In his last diss song to Eminem, Nick Cannon addresses some racial issues for Eminem’s alleged words about black women.

In the new diss, titled “Canceled: Invitation,” Nick called Eminem the “KKK of his generation.”

In the new track, Eminem would have rapped, “Black girls are b **** es, black girls are stupid.” Nick took this line and looped it in his diss track.

Nick alleges that Eminem treats all of his black friends as “contract slaves”.

Now, Eminem and Nick Cannon’s beef dates back a long time, but was revived recently when Eminem took some photos of Nick and his ex-wife Mariah on the new Fat Joe album.

We have exclusively reported that Nick is ready to leave Eminem and pay for all accommodation to fight him on his “Wild N’ Out “stage and has since released two tracks to accompany the invitation.

Nick even asked Eminem to see him in the ring but so far, Eminem has not responded with as much diss track or even video.

Em did, however, make a few tweets about the situation. We are curious to see if Eminem will respond to this one.

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