Entertainment Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra’s Relationship Only Strengthened By...

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra’s Relationship Only Strengthened By The Quarantine– They Are ‘Still In The Honeymoon Phase’


Simply like his bro Joe and his own better half, Sophie Turner, the youngest of the Jonas Bro, Nick, and his better half Priyanka Chopra love remaining in quarantine together. The circumstance does not provide any stress and anxiety and it does not feel aggravating to share the space with one another actually 24/ 7, the factor being that they are still in their ‘honeymoon phase.’

This is what a source near the couple shown HollywoodLife.

In truth, according to them, the seclusion has actually only increased the bond in between Nick and Priyanka!

The expert mentioned that they are ‘still in the honeymoon phase when everyone sees them together,’ prior to going on to share with fans how all 3 of the Jonas Bro are performing in self-quarantine with their life partners.

Being at home in the middle of the global COVID-19 crisis likewise implies that they are not on their world trip as they were expected to prior to the pandemic however at the end of the day that is completely great because they get ‘to recharge and be even better when they return.’

And because they’re not concentrated on their professions, the trio gets to invest a great deal of quality time with their partners, which, the expert claims, is only making them all, ‘very happy.’

The expert dished that ‘this time with their partners has actually made whatever more powerful and the lack from the phase has actually assisted the bros. [Nick and his brothers are] delighted to get back on phase when the time is right,’ however for now, they enjoy the present at home with their partners and in Kevin’s case, his 2 kids.

Nearly a week back, Nick and Priyanka required to his social media to motivate their fans in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis.

In the clip they posted, Nick begins by stating that ‘I know it’ s an uncertain time for everybody however I hope you’re doing OK. We’re sending you favorable vibes.’


The starlet then goes on to add: ‘Let’ s simply look after each other, and I hope everybody is safe out there simply great deals of love.’

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