Nick Jonas told how many children he wants from wife Priyanka Chopra

After Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor, there is now talk of Priyanka Chopra’s baby planning and her husband Nick Jonas has said a lot about their baby planning. Nick wants them to have a lot of children with Priyanka.

Nick also talked about his baby planning in a conversation with He said that he wants Priyanka and a lot of children. Nick described Priyanka as a very important part of her life.

Asked about the children in this conversation, Nick said, “This is going to be a beautiful journey and I expect a lot of children.”

Nick, who married Priyanka Chopra in the year 2018, said, ‘He (Priyanka) is an important part of my life and this is something we look forward to. We feel very happy to be with each other. ‘

Let us know that earlier Priyanka Chopra gave an interview to the media and said that how many children she wants. They said that she wants to have not one or two lots of children.