Nightmares haunt Barcelona and Xavi during the FIFA holidays

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The unfortunate news came from Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez, that five players were exposed simultaneously to the one you give media it is known as the “FIFA virus”, after the spread of the curse of injuries among international players, while they were with their national teams, in the last international leg, before the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar next November. And the newspapers and sites web internationals cited Mundo Deportivo, which is close to the Blue Grana, which the maestro feels the nightmares that haunt him since the players have been summoned to meet the call of the homeland in all over the world, began with the setback suffered by the French defender Jules Conde, during his participation with the French national team in one night. Winning Austria by two goals in the Nations League European Championship. Although the coaching staff of the rooster team has kept quiet about the nature of the former Sevilla player’s injury and the period of his absence, Radio “Monte Carlo” has learned from its sources that it is a bad setback , and as a result he will have to complete his care program under the supervision of the physicians club Catalan, with clues that he could miss the Il Clasico tournament against Real Madrid, in program for the middle of next month, at the “Santiago Bernabéu”, for the ninth round of La Liga, in case in to whom medical examinations show that he suffers from a muscle breakdown. When Barca woke up from Conde’s shock, it was the turn of his teammate and teammate, Osman Dembele, who felt sore in the leg after playing as a substitute in the last 10 minutes against Austria, however. remained in field until the final whistle, amidst conflicting news on the nature of his injury, and the same for the Dutch national team couple Frenkie de Jong and Memphis Depay, in particular quest’last, forced to leave the field, due to the injury in the second half on the night of the victory over Robert Lewandowski and his colleagues of the Polish team with a clear brace. And the sorrows of the La Liga giants were completed in the last hours of Friday, with the Latin defender Ronald Arago who entered the list of victims of the FIFA virus, after also suffering a muscle injury, while participating in the friendly that led his Uruguayan team along with his Iranian counterpart, and ended up winning the Asian team with a clear goal, at the first appearance of the Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, after his return to the Black Knight. This unfortunate news comes in a worst moment for Xavi and his project, who will fight a series of bitter battles after the return of international players, the most important of which are the matches of the third and fourth round of the Champions League against Inter Milan, and after facing the snakes three days, will fly to the “Bernabeu”, and in the same week will receive the Villarreal submarines at the Camp Nou at the end of the tenth week of the championship.