Nightwing Just Used His New God Powers to Surpass Batman

There are many powerful heroes in the DC Universe, even some with godlike powers, but Nightwing has never been one of them. The fact that he has never wanted superpowers shows that he is better than his mentor, Batman.

Nightwing #104 by Tom Taylor, Travis Moore, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott shows Nightwing’s new abilities. Nightwing is given powers by the demon Neron, who wants to make him bad. Neron makes a deal for Olivia Desmond’s soul. Olivia is the daughter of Nightwing’s enemy Blockbuster, whom Nightwing has been protecting. Neron says that Nightwing could save a lot more people if he had special powers.

Fans of the character aren’t surprised that Nightwing doesn’t care about this and is happy to give up his powers rather than help Neron. Even though this was a great moment for Nightwing, it shows in one important way that he is a better hero than Batman.

Nightwing Sacrifices His Powers

In the New 52, during the Darkseid War, Batman used the Mobius Chair, a powerful machine that gives anyone in it all knowledge, to become the New God of Knowledge. The Mobius Chair quickly turned Batman into a bad person, unlike Nightwing. He started to find and arrest people before they had even done anything wrong. Batman started punishing criminals when the justice system couldn’t handle the number of people he was bringing in.

Alfred eventually got worried and tried to get Batman out of the chair, but Bruce Wayne couldn’t move alone. Batman couldn’t get out of the chair until he was given a Green Lantern ring, which gave him more willpower. This shows that it wasn’t a physical limitation that stopped him. Instead, he didn’t have the willpower to give up such a huge advantage. Nightwing, however, is happy to give up his new powers as soon as the first “taste” is over, after only using them to help others and the world.

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