Nikkei records the largest increase in 21 months

On Thursday, Japan’s Nikkei Index posted its largest gain in 21 months, following in the footsteps of global equities, as market sentiment recovered, as Ukraine and Russia appeared to resume diplomatic talks and as oil prices reversed some of their recent gains.

The Nikkei rose 3.94%, to close at 25,690.40 points, and the prices of 222 shares rose from the 250 listed. This rise came after the index lost 7% in the previous four sessions, to its lowest level since November 2020, which was 24,681.74 points yesterday, Wednesday.

Shares across all sectors were up today, Thursday, and the basic materials sector was the biggest gains, jumping 6.18%, followed by real estate and consumer goods, closely tied to the business cycle, by 4.72. %, and by technology e in the automotive sector is also growing.

The broader Topix index was up 4.04%, after falling 6.5% in the previous four sessions.

Showa Denko Chemical Company was the largest gainer of the Nikkei index, in increase of 10.40%.

In the automotive sector, Suzuki shares were up by 8.85%, Nissan by 8.61% and Toyota by 5.42%.

Chip maker Tokyo Electron was up by 4.81%, Advantest by 3.89% and Renesas by 4.97%.

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