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"Nile pearl".. What is the history of the Saudi towers on the land of Egypt?

Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi Egyptian Development Company, is working on the construction of giant towers on the banks of the Nile as part of the Jewel of the Nile project.

A Saudi Egyptian real estate development company is preparing to open the project with a total investment of £3.5bn. The project is currently being finalized and civil defense permits have been obtained. The project is currently undergoing final operation experiments and natural gas has been injected.

Mohamed El-Taher, CEO of a Saudi-based Egyptian property developer, said the company achieved £12bn in sales in 2022 despite all the challenges the real estate sector faced last year as a result of global inflation. crisis, exchange rate fluctuations and suspension of supply chains.

Al-Taher added that the Saudi-Egyptian development company has full confidence in the Egyptian market and plans to expand in the coming period. is currently preparing for the opening of the Hilton hotel as part of the Pearl of the Nile project.

Source: RT


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