Gaming Nintendo Switch Lite Coral Pink revealed: First new color...

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral Pink revealed: First new color since launch


The Nintendo Switch Lite, the business’s handheld-only Switch, was first presented in 3 colors: blue-green, gray, andyellow In April, the Switch Lite lineup is getting a new addition– coral.

Nintendo of America revealed on Tuesday that its Nintendo Switch Lite Coral will be launched on April 3. The new Switch Lite color is anticipated to launch in Japan on March 20, along with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. (The new Switch colorway, nevertheless, isn’t Animal Crossing-themed, like the New Horizons console coming previously in March.) The new Nintendo Switch Lite color will cost $199 when it’s launched on April 3.99

The new coral color– which is stunning and I need it– is the first new color since the Switch Lite console was revealed in 2015.

Switch production this year has actually been affected by the continuous coronavirus break out. In February, Nintendo stated it’s anticipating hold-ups on Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan. In its Tuesday statement, a Nintendo agent stated production of the new color in Japan should not be affected up until completion of March.

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