Nintendo Switch Online Add Star Fox 2, Kirby Super Star and more to the Classic Games Library

Nintendo has announced the next wave of classic titles for its Nintendo Switch online service. From major titles to obscure releases, this wave of classic games seems to have something for most players.

Besides popular classics like Super Punch-Out !! and Kirby Super Star, the library, also adds the long-awaited, rarely-played Star Fox 2. The game, which was completed in 1995 on SNES and originally planned, debuted officially in 2017 on the SNES Classic Edition mini console Since then, however, there was no official release of the title more. So if you were not able to get hold of a SNES Classic, you were unlucky. Nintendo also releases Breath of Fire II in its SNES library and two games, Crystalis and Journey to Silius, in its NES library.

With these additions, the switch’s SNES catalog is growing to 24 games, while the number of NES games is increasing to 50. The library, which continues to grow and already contains a large number of the best games on both platforms, is available at no additional charge to anyone who is an actively paid subscriber to Nintendo’s online service for the Switch. These new arrivals arrive on December 12th.

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