Nintendo’s Next Console: Backwards Compatibility and Future Hardware Plans

Nintendo Shareholders Meeting Reveals Insights into Next Console Plans

Nintendo faced inquiries about its next generation console during the recent annual general meeting of shareholders. Here are the key highlights:

Slowdown in Switch Sales, but No New Hardware until 2024

In May, Nintendo reported a decline in Switch console sales but assured investors that no new hardware would be released until April 2024.

Smooth Progress on Next Console

Nikkei Asia reported that work on Nintendo’s next console seems to be progressing smoothly, based on insider information.

Future Hardware Plans and Backwards Compatibility

During the shareholder meeting, questions concerning Nintendo’s plans for future hardware, including backwards compatibility, were raised.

Shareholders expressed concern about the inability to transfer Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games purchased through Nintendo eShop to the Switch. They hoped the same issue would not arise with Nintendo’s next console.

Nintendo President, Shuntaro Furukawa, responded by saying that while the company is considering various specifications for future hardware, he cannot provide specific details at this stage.

He also highlighted the increasing popularity of digital sales and emphasized Nintendo’s commitment to providing unique gameplay experiences through integrated hardware and software.

Smooth Transition and Utilizing Nintendo Accounts

When asked about transitioning from the Switch to the next console, Furukawa stated that Nintendo wants to ensure a seamless process for customers by utilizing Nintendo Accounts.

He explained that the Nintendo Account system allows for direct connection with customers, not only on game consoles but also on mobile devices. Currently, there are over 290 million registered accounts.

Furukawa stressed the importance of maintaining the relationship with customers during the transition and the potential benefits of Nintendo Account integration for the next console.

Previous Emphasis on Nintendo Account Integration

Nintendo has previously emphasized the significance of Nintendo Account integration for its next console. Introduced in 2016, Nintendo Accounts unify the user experience across mobile games, online stores, and consoles.

The integration of Nintendo Accounts with the Nintendo Switch has enabled features such as cross-platform rewards and a shared friends list.

Sales Figures and Future Projections

Last year, Nintendo sold 17.97 million Switch consoles, bringing lifetime sales to 125.62 million, surpassing all sales except for the Nintendo DS handheld and Sony’s PlayStation 2.

In the current fiscal year, Nintendo expects to sell 15 million units, representing a 16.5% year-over-year decline.

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