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Nisha Rawal reveals relationship issues with Karan mehra


Nisha Rawal has opened up on The problems in his relationship with TV actor Karan Mehra.

Karan was arrested on May 31, 2021, for would have beaten his wife at their home.

The actor was then released on surety and he claimed that Nisha had deposited a false Case against him.

The evening of On June 1, 2021, Nisha Rawal addressed the media and gave him side of the story on what their 14-year the relationship was like.

Nisha admitted that it was “extremely embarrassing” to meet the media in such circumstances.

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But she decided to talk about it when she wanted their son Kavish at know the truth when he reads about it in the future.

Nisha revealed, “It’s been 14 years since our relationship and 9 years since marriage and a lot has happened during that time.

“The discussions of our divorce started a month back when Karan was in Chandigarh.

“Unfortunately, Karan had an affair with another woman that I don’t have know.

“When I got to know, I confronted him and he admitted it.

“He also said it was serious and that he loved someone else and their relationship was also physical.

“The woman is from Delhi and every time he went to Chandigarh for shooting of his new show they would meet and that’s how it started.”

On the alleged Karan case, Nisha clarified:

“When I got to know about the case, I did not react in anger but instead asked Karan to sit down and talk about it. It was then that he opened up.

“The next day I visited my parents and revealed everything.

“My mother asked me to work on the relationship.

“I said if Karan apologizes and expresses son interest in job on this relationship so I’m fine.

“I came back Devil parent’s house, but there was no change in Karan’s attitude which suggested he was remorseful of what he did.

“I put in my efforts side and even made a group on WhatsApp with me and Karan called the Love Project.

“Considering Karan’s behavior in the past 14 years old is not new.

“I tried to keep son picture of goody-two-shoes intact that he has earned with his body of work.

“We are all actors and this affects careers and we have a baby together too.

“Whenever Karan behaved in in such a way that he would apologize and promise not to repeat and deep down I wanted to believe it.

Nisha Rawal revealed that she had been hit by Karan Mehra many times, the appellant “common”.

“He is very common of him to hit me. My face would become black and blue and he would hit me too.

She admitted to putting up with abuse because she still loved Karan.

However, Nisha said that she does want a father like Karan to take care of their child.

It added that it is his responsibility to speak out against domestic violence.

In the night of the domestic violence incident, Nisha recalled:

“I whipped out on him about all the feelings I had bottled up up.

“We spoke and he was visibly upset.

“When I got up to leave the room he held my hair and pushed me against the wall. He also held my neck while pinning me against the wall. “

Karan Mehra has since dismissed claims he had an affair.

He said: “All these allegations are inevitable up and I will be bound with a lot people.

“These stories are baseless. I did not cheat on she and I are not having an extramarital affair.

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