No distance is required for gatherings . British report, not strange

After this die preliminary results of statistics in The UK, following an experimental scheme, showed that there was no increase in new cases of coronavirus infection among participants with large gatherings die Authorities in the country believe it is possible to break off social distancing from June 21 next year.

The specialists announced that they would see British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over next week die preliminary results will be informed after in an interim report on die Reopening of the country was advised that die Amount can safely return, but under certain conditions of which die most important is good ventilation and compliance with masks.

Get in touch with Johnson within a few days

This happened at a time in the scientist at the request of the government die Observe the effects of the fans returning to the FA Cup Semi-Finals, the Carabao Cup Finals and the World Snooker Championship.

The results were in an early report, while Johnson is waiting for the final result within days, according to a report published by the Telegraph newspaper.

The Scientific Council, run by the Ministry of Culture, Information and Sport, found many of the protective measures, die taken at the experimental events would be beneficial.

Card not closed

These results are not considered die only viewed as another indicator last February made it clear that sports games, theaters and cinemas in June in large numbers could be opened after Johnson talked about a special roadmap to get around at the time die End closure.

Mitigation measures also include effective ways to improve ventilation in Interiors. Research is being carried out on how die Limits for die Summer holidays can reopen and allow pollinators to take damage control measures.

Given the upcoming series of decisions about die Life form in UK for the rest of the year when die epidemic in waned over the next two months, it became clear that returning to congregations was possible.

And that die positive side of the matter despite the limitations is that people in Sitting next to each other in large groups with no social distance, restoring the sense of togetherness that many football fans say they lost during the suspension, knowing that face masks will also be mandatory.

It is worth noting that die The final decision will end up being for Johnson, who will likely wait for data from upcoming trials over the next month before announcing the next plan.

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