No Hard Feelings Netflix Release: Jennifer Lawrence’s Comedy Coming Soon?

No Hard Feelings: Jennifer Lawrence’s Comedy Movie Won’t Hit Netflix in September

Regrettably, those anticipating the release of No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film, on Netflix before the summer’s end will have to wait. We regret to inform you of this disappointing news.

No Hard Feelings, an R-rated comedy film, marked the first time the Oscar winner took on a major starring role in a comedy on the big screen. The movie was released in June 2023 and surpassed its $45 million budget, bringing in over $86 million in global box office revenue. The film also received a respectable 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Regrettably, the upcoming film featuring Jennifer Lawrence will not be included in the titles set to debut on Netflix in September 2023. It appears that we will have to exercise patience and defer our viewing pleasure until a later date.

As of Aug. 29, the exact Netflix premiere date for the upcoming Sony movie is yet to be announced. Notably, the movie was not featured in the streamer’s comprehensive list of new release movies and shows slated to air in the coming fall season.

No Hard Feelings Netflix Release Jennifer Lawrence's Comedy Coming Soon

No Hard Feelings Netflix release updates

The partnership between Netflix and Sony for streaming the studio’s latest movies has resulted in uneven release schedules. Some titles are made available earlier than others, while some are delayed. No Hard Feelings, expected to be a September release, falls under the latter category and will not be released on Netflix during that month.

According to recent drops such as 65 and The Pope’s Exorcist, it appears that Sony movies tend to arrive on Netflix four to six months after their theatrical release. Following this pattern, it is expected that Lawrence’s comedy will be available on Netflix by October 2023. However, this remains a prediction, and the release date could be later in the fall.

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