No jeans, films or strange styles the new leader of North Korea

North Korea has imposed shocking new restrictions die in die List of prohibitions to be included in the country, such as blocking the internet, social media or foreign television channels.

The leader of the country, Kim Jong-un, imposed further restrictions and introduced a comprehensive new law against what he called “reactionary thinking”, as the British network “BBC” reported.

Under the new law, anyone who owns media material related to South Korea, the United States or Japan will be sentenced to death.

Anyone who watches foreign media is also sentenced to 15 years in prison.

What die Wearers of jeans, and those with remarkable cuts, will not be followed by their fate, albeit a little better, since they may be long in Camps are held.

“Dangerous Toxins”

Recently Kim wrote one in state media published letter, in that he die The country’s youth league called for action against “hateful, individualistic and anti-socialist behavior” among young people.

also bat he therefore no longer among young people in Speaking foreign languages ​​or slang, in addition to banning hairstyles and clothes, die he called “dangerous poisons”.

North Korea's ruler and wife Ri Sol Ju

North Korea’s ruler and wife Ri Sol Ju

Camp “re-education”

While die NK News website from Seoul reported that three teenagers were arrested and in They were held in a “re-education” camp because they had hairstyles like pop artists and also wore “jeans” shorts.

Have previous raids die Distribution and visibility of foreign films shown, die usually from china via die Border are smuggled.

The dramas are transferred to USB sticks, where they can be easily hidden and are also password-encrypted.

Kyu Jong-un (Reuters)

Kyu Jong-un (Reuters)

It is noteworthy that Kim made his first public appearance in a month at a Politburo meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party on Friday, amid “crazy” applause in the hall.

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