No Man’s Sky Update 4.71: Detailed Bug Fixes and Improvements

A new update for No Man’s Sky, known as Update 4.71, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

Custom Starship Textures Replication

  • Issue: Players faced problems where custom starship textures were not replicating correctly, leading to inconsistencies in game visuals.
  • Fix: The update has addressed these issues, ensuring that any custom textures applied to starships replicate consistently across different game instances.

Redemption of the Ship of the Damned

  • Issue: A rare bug blocked the redemption of the Ship of the Damned on save files that also had the Leviathan, causing inconvenience to the players.
  • Fix: With this patch, players can now redeem the Ship of the Damned without interference from the presence of the Leviathan in other saves.

Discoveries Name Reversion

  • Issue: Discoveries that were given custom names reverted to their original procedural names after save/load operations.
  • Fix: The update ensures that custom names for discoveries are consistently preserved and remain unchanged after saving and loading the game.

Personal Refiner Item Dragging Issue

  • Issue: Dragging items onto a damaged or partially installed Personal Refiner treated them as an attempt to refine rather than repair.
  • Fix: This has now been corrected. Items dragged to a damaged refiner will now be applied correctly for repairs without causing unintended refining actions.

Weather and Hazard Event Spawning

  • Issue: Players reported that certain weather and hazard events, such as meteors, tornadoes, firestorms, and lightning, were not spawning as intended.
  • Fix: These environmental events have been fixed to ensure they spawn correctly, enhancing the dynamism and unpredictability of planetary conditions.

Third Person Starship Appearance

  • Issue: Players piloting specific ships in third-person view appeared to be dangling below the ship when seen by other players.
  • Fix: This visibility glitch has been corrected, ensuring players are accurately depicted as inside their ships.

Fleet Expeditions Management

  • New Feature: Fleet expeditions can now be managed from the freighter’s fleet management terminal, even if the navigator is absent from the bridge. This adds flexibility and ease to managing fleet operations, especially in tightly packed freighters.

Starship Texture Customisation

  • Issue: Various problems were found with starship texture customisation.
  • Fix: This update addresses these issues, ensuring more reliable and visually consistent customisation options for players who modify their starship appearances.

Collision Issues in Damaged Starship Base Parts

  • Issue: Several collision issues were identified within the damaged starship base parts, causing gameplay interruptions.
  • Fix: These collision issues have been resolved, resulting in smoother interactions and navigation around these structures.

Locate Substance Mission for Atlantideum

  • Issue: The mission to locate Atlantideum would end prematurely as soon as it started, making it impossible to complete.
  • Fix: This mission now correctly initializes and progresses, allowing players to successfully locate Atlantideum.

Incorrect “Locate Substance” Button for Silicate Powder

  • Issue: Silicate Powder erroneously had a non-functional “Locate Substance” button in the catalogue.
  • Fix: This unnecessary button has been removed, streamlining the player interface.

Blank Pinning Missions Briefly Appearing

  • Issue: Some pinning missions temporarily appeared blank in the log immediately after being selected.
  • Fix: This visual glitch has been fixed, ensuring all mission details are visible upon selection.

Truncated Mission Instructions

  • Issue: Some mission instructions became truncated, providing incomplete guidance to players.
  • Fix: Mission instructions now display in full, helping players better understand their objectives and steps required to complete them.

Surge Battery Recipe Learning Timing

  • Issue: The Surge Battery recipe was not being learned at the correct point during the Adrift Expedition, causing progression issues for players.
  • Fix: This recipe is now correctly awarded at the appropriate stage of the Adrift Expedition.

Adrift Milestones and Rendezvous Progression

  • Issue: Progress in some Adrift milestones could be blocked if players had visited every rendezvous point before starting the associated milestones.
  • Fix: The update adjusts milestone progress tracking to account for previously visited rendezvous points, ensuring uninterrupted progression.

Helios-Related Misleading Hint

  • Issue: Players on the Adrift Expedition received misleading hints related to Helios.
  • Fix: This misleading hint has been corrected, providing accurate guidance throughout the expedition.

Minor Text Issues

  • Fix: Various minor text errors have been resolved, improving overall in-game text accuracy and coherence.

Biological Horrors Replication Crash

  • Issue: A rare crash occurred related to replicating biological horrors.
  • Fix: This stability issue has been addressed, preventing crashes associated with biological horror replication.

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