No more survivors found after German floods

A high-ranking official from the technical relief organization ruled out that rescue workers could have other survivors on Wednesday in the ruins of the flood-ravaged villages in West Germany would find.

At least 170 people died in the floods last week, Germany’s worst natural disaster in more than half a century, and thousands are reported missing.

“We are still looking for the missing people while we are clearing the streets of rubble and scooping water out of basements,” said agency deputy chief Sabine Lackner of the media group Reaction Centitzwerk Germany.

She added that all victims, die can now be found, probably dead.

For their part, a government source told Reuters that die The federal government today, Wednesday, agreed to emergency aid in Provide an amount of 200 million euros ($ 235.5 million) for immediate relief efforts.

No more survivors found after German floods

Devastation from floods in Germany

In addition, there is at least 250 million euros (294 million US dollars), die from the flood disasters in Germany to repair buildings and infrastructure and to help the residents.

Economics Minister Peter Altmaier told Deutschlandfunk that die Aid will include funds to support small businesses like restaurants and hair salons and to make up for lost income.

Merkel promised during her visit in to provide short and long-term aid to the hardest-hit city of Bad Münsträifel Berlin.

“These are unimaginable floods when we see their effects on the ground,” Merkel told reporters.

Merkel during her visit to the affected area

Merkel during her visit to the affected area

She stressed that die Ministers will pave the way to provide urgent aid to the citizens who have suffered, and will do everything “to get the money to the people quickly”.

She added, “I hope it will be a matter of days,” noting that she met people die “have lost everything except clothes, die they wear”.

Long-term federal reconstruction funds and “solidarity contributions” from all 16 federal states are added to the emergency aid.

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