No Time To Die run time: How long is No Time To Die? The longest James Bond movie ever

Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond movie is set to finally hit cinemas at the end of the month. After multiple delays, the new 007 outing is almost here and fans are wondering just how long is No Time To Die? Well now the official run time has been revealed and it’s the longest Bond movie of all time.

No Time To Die is almost three hours long at 163 minutes or 2 hours and 43 minutes.

That’s 15 minutes longer than the 2 hours and 28 minutes that made up the last James Bond movie Spectre.

Before that, Skyfall was 2 hours and 23 minutes and Casino Royale was 2 hours and 24 minutes.

While Quantum of Solace, which was made during the writers’ strike, was a lot shorter at 1 hour and 46 minutes.

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No Time To Die run time: How long is No Time To Die? The longest James Bond movie ever

No Time To Die run time: How long is No Time To Die? The longest James Bond movie ever (Image: MGM)

casino royale and no time to die posters

No Time To Die will complete the five film story arc that began in Casino Royale (Image: MGM)


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No Time To Die is a direct sequel to 2015’s Spectre, just as all the films of the Craig era follow on from each other.

The incumbent star and Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson have promised the new film will start what Casino Royale began in 2006, so fans had better get that rewatch started.

With almost six years between No Time To Die and Spectre, this is almost the longest gap in the 59-year-old 007 film franchise.

The lengthiest was between 1989’s Licence To Kill and 1995’s GoldenEye, although this period marked the end of Timothy Dalton’s era and the start of Pierce Brosnan’s in the post-Cold War world.

no time to die poster

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on September 30, 2021 (Image: MGM)

Spectre concluded with Bond capturing Blofeld on Westminster Bridge before deciding to let him be arrested rather than to kill him.

The spy then quit MI6 and drove off into the sunset in his Aston Martin DB5 with Madeleine Swann.

No Time To Die appears to open with the couple on holiday in Italy, only for Spectre to start attacking them.

In the film’s trailers, it’s clear that Swann, the daughter of Spectre agent Mr White, has a dark secret that’s broken Bond’s trust.

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Whatever happens next. it appears from the trailers that they break up and Bond retires to Jamaica, only to be called back into action by his old friend, Felix Leiter.

The CIA recruits the former 007 to help him in his search for a missing scientist called Valdo Obruchev, who appears to have been abducted.

Bond ends up back in England where he’s reunited with Swann and even pays a visit to Blofeld in prison. His old nemesis warns him of the film’s new villain Safin, who has a scheme that could see the death of millions.

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on September 30, 2021.

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