Noah Cyrus becomes honest about his struggles with depression and anxiety

In recent years, celebrities, artists, musicians and other public figures have decided to speak out about mental health issues. Noah Cyrus recently joined this list following the revelation that his song, “Lonely”, spoke of his struggles with depression and anxiety.

In September of this year, Cyrus abandoned the aforementioned song and revealed that the moving theme of the piano ballad came from a time in her life when she felt “stuck in this place (she) could not get out of” .

According to the singer-songwriter, she needed to escape and had to have the conversation because she could no longer keep these feelings in her body.

Noah explained that she just didn’t want to face it anymore, or that she was going to “explode”. Fortunately, Noah had a very empathetic manager who was only a phone call away from her. She spoke to him on the phone and helped her overcome her emotional difficulties.

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According to Cyrus, openly discussing her challenges with those she trusted contributed to her ability to overcome these toxic feelings, which included depression and anxiety. The star urged those who suffer from the same problems to speak to their loved ones.

Cyrus admitted in the interview that there are times when she just doesn’t know how to solve a problem in her life, “I’m a baby,” joked the performance. Cyrus went on to say that her strength provided emotional support to others, but she couldn’t pass a math test.

Earlier this week, Noah made the headlines for a more positive reason. Tana Mongeau, the famous YouTube personality, has denied rumors of a relationship with Noah Cyrus. On Friday, in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Mongeau admitted that she may have started rumors of meeting the title of one of her YouTube videos.


Mongeau admitted that Noah had a charismatic quality about her that she couldn’t put her finger on. In one of his previous videos this month, Mongeau called his 19-year-old counterpart a “girlfriend.”

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