Noah’s ark moored to Mount Ararat?

Scientists from the Istanbul Technical University are conducting a study of artifacts found on Mount Ararat, and promised to give a scientific answer to whether the Noah’s Ark mentioned in the Old Testament landed on the mountain.

It is noteworthy that geophysicists, geoarchaeologists, chemists and biologists have been studying about 30 soil samples and rock fragments from Mount Ararat for two months now.

“Our goal is to find out if the artifacts that we collected from Mount Ararat with the approval of local authorities differ from traditional geological rocks,” says Emin Chiftchi, dean of the university’s faculty of geology. at the foot of the “Mountain” with the silhouette of a ship, or is it a game of nature. Because it is time to put an end to this myth, and if not, then it is necessary to continue the search.”

It should be noted that at least the fourth century began the search for Noah’s Ark, which survived the great flood described in the Old Testament. Dozens of scientific expeditions visited the legendary mountain during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many researchers have confirmed that they saw something similar to the remains of Noah’s ark.

Military cartographer Ilkhan Dorobinar discovered a fossilized figure resembling the shape of a huge ship on a hill near the city of Dogbayezid, 30 km from Mount Ararat, and called it the “anomaly of Ararat.”

There are also documents about the presence of the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in the archives of the CIA. Also at the beginning of the century, it was announced that what looks like the remains of Noah’s Ark can be seen on one of the satellite images of the foothills of Great Ararat. However, no scientific answer has yet been given to the question of whether the story of Noah’s Ark is fact or fiction.

Source: TASS