Nordic CIO Interview: Teemu Salmi, Stora Enso

Working with start-up neighborhoods helps to drive digital modification at one of the world’s biggest forest market business, Stora Enso

Eeva Haaramo


  • Eeva Haaramo.

Released: 22 Oct 2020 10: 44

In 2017, Teemu Salmi had just gone back to Stockholm, Sweden, from the Middle East. After heading IT and cloud services for Ericsson in the Middle East and East Africa, he was looking for an adjustment. The chance for this developed from an unanticipated direction– Finnish forest market bigStora Enso

” I was approached by Karl-Henrik Sundström [former Stora Enso CEO] who asked if I want to sign up with the business as CIO and head its digital transformation, which was just beginning,” Salmi notifies Computer Weekly. “I believed it sounded like a great strategy, I accepted, and the rest is history.”

Going into a business that produces wood and biomass-based items was a significant shift for Salmi after 17 years in the telecoms market, however he was all set to shake thingsup In the last 4 years, he has in fact moved Stora Enso’s IT into a process-led organisation and presented brand name-new approaches to innovate, both within the business and in cooperation with start-up communities.

Salmi’s preliminary step was to ensure Stora Enso had the best leaders to drive its digital aspirations. He wanted to produce senior personnel from outside the business who were both technical and business- oriented.

” We opened up all management positions in IT and digitisation in 2017 and hired 60 leaders who run the [IT] organisation today,” says Salmi.

Stora Enso has a total labor force of 25,000 worldwide. Its IT and digitisation area represent about 500 of these and it relies on a mix of in-house and outsourced shipmentmodels A considerable adjustment for the IT organisation has in fact been to move into a process-led approach. Its IT is naturally process-driven– repeating things done every day to guarantee service quality– and Salmi wished to provide a much better structure for it.

” There had been numerous efforts to end up being process-led prior to I signed up with, however it never took off,” he says.

The intro of the structure resulted in boosted effectiveness. At the specific very same time, Salmi has in fact increased openness in Stora Enso’s service shipment area, putting in location a service portfolio that details each service, what the service in fact costs and what is the service-level plan.

Believe big by thinking small

In addition to a concentrate on treatments, Salmi sees financial investment in digital development as an essential modification for Stora Enso.

” We need to assist the business to utilize and grow its digital savviness, so we can be a centre of quality, assisting the organisation to scale up and drive the change of digital knowledge and proficiency in the business lines,” hesays “That is where you need individuals, not in a big main organisation by itself.”

Subsequently, Salmi does not see development merely as an IT or digital activity.

Nevertheless while lots of organisations like to discuss cooperation with start- ups, Stora Enso has actually turned it into concrete options for itsbusiness requirements One example is Portuguese machine finding out start-up Overstory, which incorporates satellite details and synthetic intelligence-powered algorithms to help Stora Enso understand, for example, the number of cubic metres of wood there remain in a specific forest area, how healthy the trees are, and theirdevelopment rate

This is one of lots of collaborations that have in fact originated from Stora Enso’s work with the Nordic start-up accelerator Combient Foundry, of which Stora Enso is the founding partner. Salmi thinks complying with an accelerator that has access to a substantial network of start-ups is appropriately to go for any big business.

” The 2nd thing is to be really particular in what you are looking for,” he says.

Preparing yourself for an automated future

Nevertheless Stora Enso’s development efforts are not restricted to outdoors partners.

Nevertheless not all concepts succeed.

” Let’s face it, if 10%of your efforts go through, that is a success,” says Salmi. “You have to have the ability to cease 90%of what you do, and you require to have a transparent procedure in place for that, so the people starting the development procedure know what to anticipate.”

Now Stora Enso is moving from development to scale-up phase It has actually designated moneying to establish on the development portfolio it has in fact developed due to the fact that 2017, and scale them to items that benefit thebusiness

Significant locations Salmi wants to check out even more are automation and efficient property utilisation. Here he makes use of his experience in the telecomsmarket When there are occur in or

” It has taken 100 years to get to the automation level we are at today, however the rate of the digital development is now so fast that what occurred in 100 years now takes 10 years,” response to concerns, Telecom networks are generally run from a

worldwide and field maintenance is released

. Salmi believes the really exact same should research the forestry market.

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