North Korea and South Korea agree to restore communication channels

A man and a child walk along a fence near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea, on the island of South Korea of Ganghwa on 6 October 2020.

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North and South Korea have restored Suspended communication channels between them and their leaders have decided to improve ties, both governments said on Tuesday, despite a 2 { year-stall in US-led diplomacy aims to strip North Korea of its nuclear weapons.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reached an agreement during several exchanges of letters from April, the presidential office in Seoul said.

The two leaders decided to “restore mutual trust and develop their relationships again how soon how possible”Blue House spokesman Park Soo Hyun said in a televised briefing. Park said the two Koreas subsequently reopened communication channels on Tuesday morning.

State of North Korea media the South Korean quickly confirmed announcement.

“Now, the entire Korean nation wishes to see North-South relations recover from setback and stagnation since possible,” the official The Korean central news agency said so. “In this regard, the top executives of the North and the South have decided to do a big step in recover mutual trust and promote reconciliation by restoring the inter-Korean lines of communication cut through the recent numerous exchanges of personal letters “.

Last year, North Korea cut off all communication channels with South Korea in protest of what he calls South Korea failure to prevent activists from floating anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border. Some experts said North Korea’s action signaled that the North had become frustrated that Seoul has failed to revive lucrative inter-Korean economic projects and persuade the United States to ease sanctions.

The nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang have made little progress since the beginning of 2019, when the second of three summits between Kim and then President Donald Trump have failed. Kim has since threatened to bolster his nuclear power arsenal And build more sophisticated weapons unless Americans revoke policies the North considers hostile, which are believed to refer to long-time US-led sanctions.

Some experts in previously claimed that North Korea may be forced to catch up out in the United States or in South Korea if its economic difficulties worsen. Mismanagement, storm damage and border closures during the coronavirus pandemic further impoverished North Korea economy and Kim in recent speeches called for his people strengthen for prolonged restrictions against Covid-19. While his observations may indicate the potential for a worsening of the economic situation, outside monitoring groups saw no signs of mass hunger or social chaos in village of 26 million people.

Tuesday marks the 68th anniversary of the signature of an armistice that ended the Korean War of 1950-53. The Koreas remain divided along the world the most fortified border since the end of the war.

About 28,500 US troops are stationed in South Korea to deter potential attacks from North Korea.

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