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North Korea denies arming Russia – a hostile attempt to cloud our image

North Korea has rejected the US charge of supplying Russia with artillery shells for use in the war in Ukraine, calling it “unfounded”, according to the official North Korean news agency.

“Recently, the United States has insisted on spreading a rumor of arms trafficking between the DPRK and Russia,” the Deputy Director of Foreign Military Affairs of the Ministry of National Defense of the North said on Monday.

The statement also noted that North Korea views the “voice” as part of a US “hostile attempt” to “tarnish our image on the international stage.”

“We close once again that we have never had arms relations with Russia and that we do not intend to do so in future, “added the statement.

growing tensions

The North Korean position comes amid mounting tensions around the Korean peninsula after Pyongyang conducted a series of test missiles, one of which included the launch of a ballistic missile, in response to the largest maneuvers ever carried out by the US and South Korean air forces, which they called the “Awakening Storm”.

In early November, Washington accused North Korea of ​​supplying Russia with artillery shells under the cover of expeditions in Middle East or in Africa.

Last week, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby noted a “significant amount” of missiles supplied by North Korea to Russia “attempting to suggest that they be sent in Middle East or in Africa”.

He explained that Washington is currently trying to find out if Moscow has received this North Korean military aid.

strict military measures

Pyongyang promised on Monday that it would respond to joint US-South Korea exercises with “firm and overwhelming” military measures after a series record of missile launches in recent days.

This new warning has arrived in response to joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea.

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