North Korea ignores Washington’s calls for dialogue and America insists

Senior officials from South Korea, the United States and Japan on Wednesday described the recent test North Korea’s missiles as “dangerous and illegal” provocations, urging Pyongyang to return to dialogue and accept offers of assistance for the coronavirus pandemic.

South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Mori met in Seoul three days after North Korea conducted a new test missile.

The tripartite meeting, the first of its kind since last November, has set in light the danger of the extended test on the arms of North Korea.

Officials from Seoul and Washington said North Korea is preparing to conduct a test nuclear power, the first since 2017. Sherman said a tale test it would lead to a strong and clear answer.

For his part, US envoy Sung Kim said Tuesday that the US has stepped up calls for dialogue with North Korea since last year through several channels, including humanitarian aid, but has received no response.

The United States special envoy for North Korea told reporters that despite the number record of ballistic missile launches by North Korea since the beginning of the year, Washington continues to propose talks in Pyongyang “without preconditions”. He hinted that this diplomatic offer would remain on the table even if the isolated country conducted a new one test nuclear power, the first since 2017, as Americans expect.

“To show our sincerity, senior US officials, including our president and foreign minister, have publicly and repeatedly stated that we want a diplomatic exchange,” added Sung Kim.

He said this offer was broadcast “through special channels” and “third parties” – including China – “directly” and “in writing” with “high-level letters from senior US officials to senior North Korean officials,” even Washington has it has made “specific proposals”, especially “in humanitarian cooperation and aid related to COVID-19” while the epidemic hits North Korea.

“We also stressed our willingness to discuss practical measures that the two sides can take on the security situation,” said Sung Kim. in a press conference.

But the United States did not come to a conclusion. “So far there has been no response from North Korea and they continue to show no interest in starting a dialogue,” said the diplomat.

And he added, two days after the launch of eight North Korean ballistic missiles: “On the contrary, we have seen a significant increase in the range of missile launches, in blatant violation of international law. ”These launches add up to about 20 prove since the start of the year.

Despite this outstretched hand, the United States also warns that it will respond “quickly and forcefully” if North Korea conducts a test nuclear, in coordination with its allies, in particularly South Korea and Japan.

When asked about this answer, Sung Kim declined to go into detail and said he hopes there will be measures at the level of the UN Security Council even if Russia and China veto a new US resolution that includes new ones. international sanctions against North Korea.

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