North Korea launches a ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

The South Korean military said on Monday that North Korea has launched what appears to be a ballistic missile. in what could be the fourth test on weapons conducted by the nuclear-armed country this month.

“North Korea fired an unspecified bullet towards the East Sea,” said South Korea’s joint chief of staff, referring to the Sea of ​​Japan.

The Japanese Coast Guard also confirmed the launch. “It appears that North Korea has potentially launched a ballistic missile,” a coast guard spokesman told AFP, without giving details of its route.

On Friday, North Korea launched two rail-guided tactical missiles.

hypersonic missiles

Despite the international sanctions imposed on him for his nuclear weapons program, quest’Pyongyang year led two test on what it said were hypersonic missiles, January 5 and 11.

In response, a few days ago the United States imposed new sanctions on the country with nuclear weapons, which Pyongyang called a “provocative”.
The official North Korean news agency quoted a foreign ministry spokesperson as saying that Pyongyang has a “legitimate” right to defend itself.

And US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has called on North Korea to hold talks with the United States, which has confirmed that it has no “hostile intentions” towards the Kim Jong-un regime.

Ignore Washington’s call

On the contrary, Pyongyang has refrained from responding to the US invitation to the negotiating table.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also ignored any reference to the United States during an important meeting of the ruling party of the North last month, during which he vowed to continue strengthening the country’s defense capabilities.

Since the dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang has stopped, no breach has been made in this regard. And North Korea, which is experiencing economic difficulties, is still imposing a strict self-closure due to Covid 19, which has exacerbated its suffering.

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