North Korea launches in sea ​​an “unidentified bullet”

The South Korean army has announced that North Korea has fired in sea ​​Wednesday indeterminate ejectaThe South Korean chief of staff said the north “fired an unspecified bullet towards the eastern sea”.

No other details were immediately available, such as the type of bullet, the distance traveled and whether it was more than one.

North Korea launches in sea ​​an “unidentified bullet”

The missile launched by North Korea last week

This comes days after the official North Korean news agency announced that Pyongyang had successfully tested a new long-range cruise missile last weekend, citing “strategic weapons of great importance”.

Pictures released Monday by Rodong Sinmun newspaper show a missile emerging from one of the five tubes of a launch vehicle as a fireball and a missile taking off. in a horizontal trajectory.

Analysts said that if the launches of these long-range cruise missiles were confirmed, they would represent a technological advance for North Korea, giving it a better ability to avoid defense systems.
The missiles launched last weekend traversed a 1,500-kilometer path over North Korea and its territorial waters before reaching their target, according to the North agency.

North Korea successfully tested a new “long-range cruise missile” last weekend, the North’s official news agency announced Sunday.

The launches of test they were conducted on Saturday and Sunday in the presence of senior North Korean officials, according to the agency, which confirmed that i test have been successful.

The United Nations Security Council has adopted several resolutions banning North Korea from continuing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, which it needs to defend itself against a US invasion.
But the decisions did not stop him from developing cruise missiles, on which he conducted precedents test.

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