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North Korea makes a third test missile and attack Washington


Launched North Korea An “unspecified bullet,” the South Korean army announced on Friday in the third test of the country with nuclear weapons in less than two weeks of alleged weapons.

The joint chief of staff in Seoul said on Friday that “North Korea is firing an unspecified bullet eastward,” without providing further details.

The Japanese coast guard said it detected “the launch from North Korea of ​​what appears to be a missile or ballistic missile at 2:55 pm”.

A spokesman for the coast guard confirmed to AFP that the force was still conducting analyzes to find out where it landed and if it was one or more bullets.

Despite the international sanctions imposed on him for his nuclear weapons program, quest’Pyongyang year led two test on what it said were hypersonic missiles, January 5 and 11.

After the second test overseen by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the United States imposed sanctions on five people linked to Pyongyang’s ballistic weapons program.

Following the US decision, a foreign ministry spokesman in Pyongyang accused the US of “deliberately aggravating” the situation.

“If the United States adopts a tale conflicting position, the People’s Republic of Korea will be forced to give a stronger and more confident response, “the spokesperson said in comments reported by the official KCNA news agency on Friday morning.

Pyongyang warns Washington

In context, North Korea on Friday scolded President Joe Biden’s administration for imposing new sanctions on the country for its recent test missiles and warned of stronger and more visible measures if Washington persists in a “conflicting position”.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, in A statement released by the North Korean central news agency defended Pyongyang’s recent launch of its alleged hypersonic missiles as a morally justified exercise in self-defense.

The spokesman said the new sanctions underscore the United States’ hostile intention to “isolate and strangle” the North, despite repeated calls from Washington for Pyongyang to resume diplomacy, which has been hampered by differences over sanctions reduction measures and denuclearization.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration imposed sanctions on five North Koreans for their role in obtaining equipment and technology for North Korea’s missile programs. in answer to the last test North Korea’s missile unit this week. The Biden administration also said it will seek new sanctions through the United Nations.

The Treasury’s announcement came hours after North Korea said leader Kim Jong Un successfully oversaw a test of a hypersonic missile on Tuesday, which he believes would increase in significantly the country’s nuclear “war deterrent”.

The North Korean spokesman accused the US of sticking to a “gangster” attitude, saying North Korea’s development of the new missile is part of its efforts to modernize its military and does not target any specific country. and it does not threaten the safety of its neighbors.

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