North Korea says it will not participate in the Beijing Olympics due to the pandemic and hostile forces

SEOUL: North Korea told China in a letter that “hostile forces” and the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic were the reason for not participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics and accused the United States of trying to sabotage the event, according to reports media state Friday. It is unclear whether the letter, sent by the Olympic Committee and the North Korean Ministry of Sports, only referred to its players banned from participating in the wake of the suspension of Pyongyang’s participation by the International Olympic Committee until the end of 2022 after it failed to participate. sent a team to the Tokyo Olympics last year, due to concerns related to Covid-19. . A summary of the letter released by the Korean Central News Agency does not mention any diplomatic delegations, and the country has imposed strict border controls that have also prevented its diplomats from entering and blocked almost all forms of trade. The letter criticized the unspecified moves by the United States, which announced in December that its government officials would boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics for China’s human rights, but left American athletes free to travel to compete in the competition. Games. Several other countries, including Britain, Australia and Canada, have also announced their diplomatic boycott of the event. “We will not be in able to participate in the Olympics due to the movements of hostile forces and the global pandemic, but we fully support our Chinese comrades in everything they do to create an impressive and wonderful Olympic festival, “the letter states. (Reuters)

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