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North Korea threatens the US to use nuclear weapons in any fight

North Korea says it is not interested in dialogue with the United States and has threatened to use “overwhelming nuclear force” in any future confrontation.

And the North Korean Foreign Ministry said on Thursday morning in a statement that joint US exercises in the region have pushed the situation to extreme red lines, which threaten to transform the Korean peninsula in a huge arsenal of warfare, as it claimed.

The statement added that Pyongyang is no longer interested in dialogue as long as Washington continues to pursue “hostile policies”.

The statement condemned exercises conducted Wednesday by the United States and South Korea using fighter planes from both countries and threatened to respond to any US military move, including “crushing nuclear force if necessary.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin held talks in Seoul on Tuesday with his South Korean counterpart Lee Jong-sup, in which Austin condemned what he described as North Korea’s provocations and undermine stability in the region, underlining his country’s commitment to adopt conventional and nuclear deterrence measures to protect South Korea.

The two ministers agreed to review the deterrence strategy regarding North Korea’s threats, especially after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently called for a “massive” increase in Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal.

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, had expressed Moscow’s gratitude to Pyongyang, underlining that the affirmation of Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean leader’s sister, on the role of Washington in Ukraine is bold and decisive.

He said: “This is a realistic description of the actions of Washington and its followers to fuel Ukraine. We are truly grateful for our country’s support for this firm position. This is not just a policy proposal or slogan, but a logical position”.

And he continued: “By the way, many other countries take a similar position. There are those who speak openly, frankly, and there are those who reserve public demonstrations of solidarity with us, to avoid blackmail and pressure exerted on them by Washington. Therefore, we believe that Pyongyang has shown a bold and decisive sovereign voice in the international arena.”

Earlier, the North Korean leader’s sister said that the United States, which supplies Ukraine with weapons, is to blame for the Ukrainian conflict, and the DPRK will always stand on the side of the Russian people and military, protecting dignity and honor of the Russian state, its sovereignty and security.

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