North Korean leader: Our goal is to become the most powerful nuclear country in the world

Today, Saturday (Sunday local time), i media State officials quoted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as saying his country’s ultimate goal is to have the most powerful nuclear energy in the world.

“Launch the Largest Ballistic Missile”

He added that the North Korean leader’s statements came during his promotion of dozens of army officers who recently participated in the launch of the country’s largest ballistic missile.

“To protect the dignity of the state and the people”

In the order of officer promotion, Kim said that nuclear force-building aims to “safeguard in reliably the dignity and sovereignty of the country and the people” and that “the ultimate goal (of the country) is to possess the most powerful strategic force in the world, the absolute power that has never been seen in a century.”

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Describing the Hwasong-17 as “the world’s most powerful strategic weapon,” he said it showed North Korea’s determination and ability to eventually build the world’s most powerful military.

Nuclear warheads

Kim added that his country’s scientists have made “a remarkable leap in ahead in the advancement of technology for mounting nuclear warheads on nuclear weapons”.
ballistic missiles”, without going into detail.

The announcement came after Kim watched the test launch of the new Hwasong-17 ICBM and vowed to counter US nuclear threats with nuclear weapons last week.

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