North Korea’s Kim Wishes Russia’s Putin Victory Against Imperialists


In a symbolic gesture of solidarity, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has expressed his well wishes to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his efforts against imperialist powers. This statement demonstrates an alignment of interests between the two nations on the global stage.

Kim Wishes Russia's Putin


Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, recently conveyed his support to President Vladimir Putin of Russia. In his message, Kim extended his wishes for Putin’s victory against imperialist forces that threaten global stability.

This statement from Kim Jong Un serves as a reinforcement of the historically close ties between North Korea and Russia. It underscores their shared stance against perceived imperialist aggression and their commitment to maintaining a balance of power in international relations.


Kim Jong Un’s public support for Putin carries significant political implications. It reflects the growing influence of Russia and North Korea in countering the influence of Western powers on the world stage.

Furthermore, this gesture may indicate an intention to forge closer diplomatic and strategic cooperation between North Korea and Russia. As both nations face geopolitical challenges, their alignment on key issues strengthens their positions and expands their influence in international affairs.

Global Response

The international community closely observes developments in North Korea-Russia relations. Kim Jong Un’s supportive message to President Putin has drawn attention and prompted speculation on potential shifts in geopolitical dynamics.

While some nations may view this alignment with caution, others may see it as an opportunity for multilateral dialogue and engagement. The global response will depend on how this development shapes the larger geopolitical landscape and impacts regional dynamics.


Kim Jong Un’s well wishes to President Putin against imperialist powers signal a convergence of interests between North Korea and Russia. This expression of solidarity underscores their shared stance and commitment to countering perceived threats to global stability. The implications of this alignment will undoubtedly shape international

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