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Norway is developing new speedboats for its own forces

Naval News has announced that Norway is working on a program to develop new fast boats for the Naval Special Forces.

A post on the website states: “The Norwegian Ministry of Defense has launched the P6380 program, which aims to provide army special forces with new fast boats, and the project is still at an early stage, and now the Ministry of Defense has sent a request to potential suppliers to submit their proposals for the project.”

According to available information, the new boats should be capable of moving at a speed of 45 nautical knots, have high maneuvering and acceleration capabilities, and the length of each boat is expected to reach 24 meters, and be equipped with advanced combat equipment and drones, each weighing up to 1000 pounds 150 kg, and it is assumed that the production and testing of these boats will be launched between 2026 and 2028.

Today, the Norwegian army uses CB-90 boats manufactured by the Swedish company Saab, and each boat can carry 21 fully equipped special forces soldiers and a speed of 40 knots. These boats are also armed with MK19 grenade launchers and 12.7 mm machine guns Remotely controlled weapons systems.

Source: Weapons of Russia


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