Not 3 .. Pfizer CEO expects the need for this number of doses of the Corona vaccine

Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said the need for a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine may be closer than expected after preliminary research showed that the new Omicron alternative could undermine the protective antibodies produced by the vaccine, which l company has developed in collaboration with Biotech.

And the companies Pfizer and Biontech released the results of one on Wednesday morning studio laboratory preliminary, which showed that the third dose was effective in fighting the Omicron variant, while the effectiveness of the first and second doses significantly decreased in their ability to protect against the new strain.

Borla noted that it studio The company’s initial was based on a synthetic version of the alternative created in laboratory and that more data from the test against the real virus.

Pfizer’s chief executive said these findings will be reviewed in the next two weeks.

Borla believes it will be necessary to vaccinate people with a fourth dose of the vaccine, according to what he told CNBC and seen by Al

Borla in he previously predicted a fourth dose would be needed 12 months after the third, but he went back a bit from his previous predictions and said we have to wait as we have very little information and may need a fourth dose first.

“A third dose will provide excellent protection, I believe,” added Borla.

On the other hand, Borla believes that the coronavirus pill, which his company developed under the name of Paxlovid, will be effective against the Omicron variant.

Pfizer filed an application with the Food and Drug Administration last month for emergency clearance for the use of its antiviral drug.

Prank said Pfizer will get the full results from clinical trials within days.

Although Pfizer hasn’t gotten emergency approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Prank revealed that the company has shipped doses of the drug to the U.S. government and could launch the product this month if approved.

And Pfizer’s chief executive expected the emergence of new variables in future, as the company monitors developments to see if vaccines need to be changed.

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