Not cleaning your smartphone destroys it .. Here are the ways to maintain it

Many smartphone owners neglect daily cleaning of the device, and even those who sometimes clean their smartphone screen don’t always do it properly, which leads to it freezing quickly.

It is better to use special wet wipes to wipe the smartphone screen and a cloth in microfiber for final cleaning, said the chief engineer of SberService, Sergey Sidorenko, because the use of such wipes will avoid damage to the screen.

He also advised using an ounce of plastic to protect the screen from scratches and not using alcohol to clean, because even though alcohol speeds up cleaning and polishing, it causes damage to the device from the inside.

He also added that the connectors need to be cleaned regularly: “You can blow in through the connector and it is recommended not to use metal objects, as they can cause mechanical damage or shorten the life of the screws inside the connector. “

As for cleaning the speakers, it is recommended to do it yourself, and all you need is a toothbrush, or use wet wipes with alcohol sterilizer, which can act as a solvent for dirt, but it is important that the liquid does not penetrate inside, but only dissolves dirt on the surface of the protective net. In no case do not allow alcohol to enter the speaker.

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