“Not Photoshop” .. The truth about Salah’s muscle that caused confusion

The prominent muscles of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah caught the spotlight in his Liverpool win over host Crystal Palace 3-0 in the match which brought the two teams together on Saturday in the fifth round of the English Premier League tournament.

Salah’s muscles appeared noticeably when he took off his shirt, after scoring the second goal of the “Reds” in the match in the 78th minute, which resulted in him receiving a yellow card from the referee of the confrontation.

The images of Salah’s muscles have received many admiring comments from thousands of Liverpool fans, on social media, who praised the player’s physical strength and the role of his muscles in protecting the player from fractures during match crashes.

The comments were not without spirit, as the muscle received some analogies, such as bird wings, fish gills, and the fingers of someone hugging it from behind.

While some have put in doubt the authenticity of the photo, indicating that it has been edited through the “Photoshop” program, the photo is real and was taken at the “Anfield” stadium, by Paul Ellis, photographer for Agence France-Presse.

However, the muscle that appears in the image is scientifically known as Serratus anterior muscle Or the “anterior serratus muscle”, which connects the shoulder bones to the upper eight ribs.

The muscle is also known among athletes as the “boxer muscle” because it is responsible for shoulder extension in forward around the rib cage when a person hits another person.

In order for the muscle to achieve this degree of clarity, as in Salah’s case, it needs strenuous exercises for the shoulder, chest, and abdomen, which include lifting weights over the head with lifting the arms.

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