Notes about the Destiny 2 error when returning from trials

With Destiny’s Season of Dawn update, Bungie added a number of new hidden items to the game’s code. This is normal and occurs in Destiny 2 every few months. For Season of Dawn, however, a rare mistake after PvP matches seems to be a Trials score card.

Trials – both from Osiris in Original Destiny and Nine in Destiny 2 – was a PvP hardcore mode on the weekends. The players got a card with their winnings and losses and jumped into the mode with a group of other players. Each team would fight, and whoever won marked a win on their card, and the losers would mark a loss.

The goal was to win as many games as possible before there were three defeats. With seven wins you have a great piece of loot. However, if you have managed to achieve seven wins without losing, you must go to a specific location to receive a unique reward.

Currently, Destiny 2 is unlikely to display a purple placeholder card on screen. During a Grym_Games stream, the error occurred at the end of a custom PvP match. It is a purple tooltip with a placeholder graphic and a title called “placeholder type”. At the bottom of the tooltip, you’ll see the seven win check boxes and the three loss checkboxes labeled Game History. Other players have since confirmed the existence of the bug.

In the game history you will find the checkbox Image: Bungie via Polygon

This new card is very similar to the old Trials of the Nine playing card from the early life of Destiny 2. Trials of the Nine lasted from the start of Destiny 2 until just before Destiny 2: Forsaken, when Bungie paused for improvements. The studio teased his return earlier this year, but this is one of the first evidences in the game that trials could be back soon.

It’s not clear how Bungie will call Trials this time – though, according to Game Director Luke Smith, it will not be Trials of the Nine again. It’s worth noting that Osiris – the character after whom Bungie named the original scores – is a big component in Season of Dawn, so it’s likely the mode’s return might focus on him.

No matter what happens with trials, players are anxious that the mode will be available again after more than a year’s absence. It is unclear when that will happen, but the last mistake has hoped that it could be soon.

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