Notes on patch by Fall Guys 1.23 Jumps out – Season update 4.5 on May 13

Notes on patch by Fall Guys 1.23 Jumps out - Season update 4.5 on May 13

Mediatonic has released the Season 4.5 update for Autumn boys today. Below you can find all the details on the patch on May 13.

The Fall Guys Update 1.23.0 and now available for download and installation. On PS4, the download is 2.9 GB, depending on on platform, dimensions may vary.

Notes on patch Fall Guys 1.18

Two new round

  • The Slimescraper – To reach the top, the intrepid beans will have to outrun the slime and dominate multiple floors of mayhem in this spiritual successor to Slime Climb.

  • Button Bashers – It’s 1v1! The players are divided in pairs of duels in more mini-arenas; most points at the end of the timer wins!

Fresh round variations

  • 55 additional variations in 12 round, including low gravity variants of Hex-a-gone and Thin Ice!


  • Custom lobbies (notes in previously as a lobby private) are now open to all, with a improved experience! you can start games with only four playerse PC and PS4 players can he play together.

  • PC and PS4 players now they can combine together in all game mode! (Cross-platform parties aren’t possible yet)

  • Reporting of new players feature for if he identifies potential cheaters. We will never act alone on report (report help us with cross references) and we will never ban anyone for grabbing or using in-game mechanics in a normal fashion.

  • Improved latency when grabbing objects or holding onto. What’s this should be a lot more responsive now

  • In-game visual indicator a show connection quality a help solve problems. Wondering if you have logged out? Wonder no more!

Fixes and improvements

  • Numerous improvements to de-sync, physics and related issues. We will continue to update these issues, so keep reporting them.

  • Snow now display on Season 3 rounds for PC players!

  • Fixed Fall Guys having too much throwing power with objects like basketballs, pegwins, eggs and batteries.


  • Fixed an issue with incorrect elimination of the winning team in Royal Fumble

  • Fixed issue with eliminated teams in wrong way qualifying inside next Round

  • After concluding a round, the teams will not be randomly deleted, but instead it will be all qualify inside next Round

  • Fixed “Top X Qualify” number not matching qualified teams in the Qualification screen

  • Fixed the issue with the victory animation in solitaire that was displayed when winning a team show for some players


  • Fixed the problem with the shop in close-up showing only “Coming Soon” for players who have the game opened while updating the store

Wall Guys

  • Improved ability to cover blocks even if high ping occurs

Door Dash

  • The players will no longer be in able to do so climb above the doors e jump out of the Round

Power trip

  • Fixed issue with flying batteries out of hands when players run into each other while they both hold the batteries

  • Fixed Fall Guy that wasn’t in able to do so climb a ramp when carrying a battery

Localization fixes

  • [Portuguese] Murder by Numbers color and “Glitch” emote

  • [Korean] “BSOD” and “Game On” colors

  • [Japanese + Korean] “UFG” and “FGIB” costumes

  • [Multiple] Various pieces of text in Show the selection menu

  • [Multiple] Various pieces of text in Congratulations store

Cosmetics and animations

  • The problem is solved of Sound effects during the “Hanged Boy” and “Plinth Capture” victory animations

  • Gato Roboto and Virtual Gato Roboto had the pictures on their backs fixed.

  • Top issues resolved with Fishtank and Deep Diver costumes

  • Fixed small space in life for Little Leaguer and Pitcher Perfect costumes

  • Fixed incorrect clipping issue on The Wimp costume while running animations

  • Fixed incorrect versions of the Devolver DLC costumes be shown in Team rounds

source: Reddit

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