Now you can customize Anchor Podcast pages

Anchor is the service that I use and that I recommend to anyone who wants to start a podcast quickly. Anchor does all the work of sending your podcast feed to all major podcast distribution networks, including Google Play and Apple Podcasts. My simple method of producing a podcast with Anchor is described here.

One of my few complaints about Anchor was handled last week when Anchor added the option to adjust the landing page for your podcast. Previously, you were stuck with the color scheme that Anchor gave you for your podcast’s landing page. Now you can adjust that color scheme. You can use any desired hexadecimal color code on your page.

Applications for education
This does not change the way Anchor works when it comes to producing a podcast. It’s just a nice little improvement that students who use Anchor might appreciate because it gives them a little control over how their podcast landing pages appear to visitors.

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