NPR eliminates’race haunted ‘tweet over The victory of the Asian mayor

NPR apologized for “Cause damage” with a tweet implying that Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s newly inaugurated victory was “a disappointment” as it is not black.

Wu swore in as mayor of Boston on Tuesday, becoming the first woman e first non-white person a lead the city after an uninterrupted century of whites, male mayors. Kim Janey, a black woman, it was filling up in as mayor since Marty Walsh was appointed union secretary by President Joe Biden in March.

For NPR, however, Wu’s victory was apparently put up in shadow from fact who defeated three black candidates along the way. “While many are saying goodbye [Wu’s victory] like a turning point “ the financed taxpayer news outlet tweeted, “Others see it as more of a disappointment that the three black the candidates could not even come close “.

The representation of NPR of Mayor race as a species of race war was foreseen online. “Imagine the type of World vision one must think this way – hyper race conscience, obsession with racial hierarchies and inversion of merit and equity “ author Peter Boghossian tweeted. “Now imagine an entire channel dedicated to spreading this ideology. This is what NPR has become. “

NPR deleted the tweet shortly thereafter and apologized. “We realize that things don’t always go well first time, and our previous tweet / headline misrepresented the story” the news organization tweeted. “We deleted the previous tweet, which was causing damage, and we have updated the story. “

The updated story still focused on the three black candidates who lost out to Wu. First with a photo of losing candidate and outgoing mayor Kim Janey crying, the article interviewed numerous voters who complained that Boston new Mayor wonnon i black skin. “I got home, and I cried “ Activist Danny Rivera told NPR. “I cried mine eyes out why i don’t know the next time we will see a black Mayor in Our city. “

However, Reverend Eugene Rivers, for a long time black community boss, broken with The taking of NPR on the lesson. “We can only play the race card for many occasions “ Rivers said. “I mean black leadership failed to produce success .we failed. Now that’s not the case on White people. “

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