Number of Monkeypox Cases Reported by World Health Organization Since Last Year

The World Health Organization recently released new reports showing how many people have contracted monkeypox since last year and how many people have died from the infection.

“From January 1, 2022 to February 13, 2023, there were 85,860 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox infection and 93 deaths from the disease in 110 countries, territories and regions of the world,” according to a report published on the website. organizations in recent times.

According to a map of the spread of the disease published by the World Health Organization, since January 1, 2022, only two cases of monkeypox have been reported in Russia, while almost 30,000 cases have been reported in the United States. which was considered one of the countries most affected by the infection.

Earlier, the WHO Monkeypox Emergency Committee concluded that “the outbreak of this disease remains a global health emergency,” and the head of the organization noted that the organization “continues to urge all countries to keep monkeypox under surveillance.”

Monkeypox is a viral infection that can be transmitted between people and its complications are usually mild and most people recover within a few weeks, but for some it can cause serious complications.

Initial symptoms of this disease include fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills, and fatigue. Symptoms can develop into a rash that starts in the face and then spreads to other parts of the body.

Source: News + Russian agencies