Number record of coronavirus cases in the English Premier League

Today, Monday, the English Premier League revealed that 103 cases of Corona virus were recorded among players and members of technical, medical and administrative bodies between 20 and 26 December.

Last week the association announced a raise record the number of HIV infections since the beginning of test in 2020, with 90 positive cases.

The record was beaten this week due to the massive outbreak of the “Omicron” mutant.

So far the League has had to postpone 15 Premier League games this December, while the three lower divisions in England suffered many delays.

The League declared in a statement: “The League today can confirm that it has made 15,186 between Monday 20 and Sunday 26 December test for Covid-19 on players and team equipment. Of these, there were 103 new positive cases “.

He added: “Everyone’s safety is a priority and the Premier League is taking all precautionary measures in response to the impact of the Omicron mutant “.

Liverpool’s games with their host Leeds United, Watford with their host Wolverhampton and Burnley with Everton have been postponed to the eve of the “Boxing Day” stage, which took place on Sunday.

The Arsenal match with its host Wolverhampton has also been postponed from Tuesday to Sunday, after the increase in cases among the guests.

Leeds United’s match against Aston Villa, in program on Tuesday, was postponed due to Leeds’ continuing suffering from “Covid-19” cases and injuries.

And the leaders of the club Premier League teams refused to temporarily suspend competitions at a meeting of the League and Club Associations last week, despite the rise in HIV infections and numerous match postponements.

During the same meeting, i club they were warned not to continue matches if each team had 13 players, including a goalkeeper.

And the League continued in its statement: “The League has returned to its emergency procedures and has increased the test of players and staff members of the club to test lateral flow days e test PCR twice a week, after having previously requested two test lateral flow. a week. Alone”.

“The League continues to work with the club to protect people by helping mitigate the risks of Covid-19 within their team, “he said, adding:” We are also in closely with government, local authorities and fan groups while we respond to any changes future to national or local guidelines. “

Six Premier League games were played in crowded stands on Sunday, despite Britain battling a significant increase in Covid-19 cases.

No restrictions have yet been placed on the number of fans at matches in England, although the fans are expected to deliver prove vaccination or a test negative made in the last 48 hours.

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