O Nasr, play away … the Brigadier has held you back

The Al-Ittihad team gave a lesson in the art of football to their host Al-Nasr, beating him 3-1, in the meeting that brought them together yesterday at the Marsool Park Stadium in Riyadh, in the fifth round of the championship.

Brigadier Abdulrahman Al-Aboud scored (11), Coronado (64) and Henrique (89), while Al-Nassr Sultan Al-Ghanam scored (37), while Hamdallah missed a penalty kick which was saved by Grohe . .

With this result, Al-Ittihad’s toll has risen to 12 points in head, while Al-Nassr on his 6 points remained eighth.

The beginning comes with Nasrawi’s desire to score, through ball possession, but without danger, apart from Hamdallah’s cunning shot, but Grohe keeps him away at the last moment, and the answer comes immediately from Coronado, but Walid saves the ball.

Romarinho led a quick counterattack and passed Masharipov and Al-Hassan with skill from the center of the field and passed a wonderful ball to Al-Aboud, who was unique in the goal and put the ball in goal as the first goal for Brigadiere D (11).

Al-Nasr tried to organize his ranks, and Abu Bakr disturbed Al-Ittihad’s defenses with his movements, and aimed a ball that Grohe kept away from a corner, while Anselm was a weak point and has shown his lack of technical readiness.

The performance of Al-Ittihad stood out for teamwork, harmony, cohesion of the ranks and exploitation of space, while the psychological pressure on the Al-Nasr players was clarified, which affected them in the lack of concentration, especially in the passages.

Al-Ittihad players withdrew to keep the result, while Al-Nasr pressed in search of an amendment, and in light of the Brigadier’s defense strength, Al-Nasr players were forced to pay by out area, and Sultan Al-Ghannam manages to adjust the result after taking advantage of a shot by Taliska rebounded by Grohe, Sultan puts in net (37).

Al-Aboud hit a powerful ball that crossed the crossbar.

The start of the second half was uneventful, and Al-Nasr made a substitution by eliminating Anselmo and inserting Al-Khaibri, and Hamdallah lost a real chance after breaking the offside and with a wrong exit from Grohe, but the shot by Abdel Razzaq went after the post as the most dangerous opportunity. Hegazy led a federal attack after he manipulated Abu Bakr and played a cross over Cornado’s head over the crossbar.

After a quarter of an hour the match rate It rises and Al-Aboud plays an elegant cross which Cornado scores in door for doubling (64).

With a quick rebound, Coronado passed a ball to Al-Aboud, started from the center of the field and faced the goalkeeper, but his ball passed close to the right post.

Al-Nasr made two substitutions offensive, with the introduction of Abdel-Fattah and Al-Naji and directed by Abu Bakr and Al-Hassan, to play with an axis, which is Al-Khaibri.

Al-Ittihad manager Kuzmin put the pair of Jabrin and Kamara in place of Al-Maliki and Al-Aboud, while Mano threw all his cards offensive inserting Abdel Fattah Adam and eliminating full-back Muhammad Qasim, and from a corner taken by Masharipov at the head of Al-Omari he passed by the right post.

Camara launches in counterattack and eludes Al-Omari, who has to hinder him, and the referee gives him the second yellow and then the red (88).

A minute later, Abdel-Fattah Asiri passed a wrong ball to Fahd Al-Mawlid, who passed it with a wonderful cross between Bruno Henrique and put him between Walid Abdullah’s feet, a third goal for the brigadier.

And from an organized counterattack led by star Fahd Al-Mawlid, who manipulated Abdel-Fattah Asiri and passed him with a wonderful interface in Kamara, breaking the offside trap and putting the ball on Walid, a fourth goal (93) , but the mouse canceled it for the presence of infiltrations.

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