Obama calls for urgency on climate, but says nothing about the carbon footprint of bombing campaigns

Former President Barack Obama has been trying to get in a few hits in politics opponents as the climate change alarm sounded at COP26, ma critics I called him out for harm the planet with bombing campaigns and lavish lifestyle.

“Some of Our progress blocked when my successor decided to unilaterally withdraw out of the Paris Agreement in his first year in office” Obama said on Monday at the UN climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. “I was not real happy with this. “ He has gone on to accuse former President Donald Trump of “active hostility” against climate science and said that America lacked leadership during the four years of his successor.year term.

Twitter users have suggested otherwise, noting that Obama’s record on climate change has been tainted by military interventions in all over the world, among other alleged sins against humanity and the environment. “Progress was not blocked by Trump”, one commentator said. “It stalled when the Obama administration dropped 26,171 bombs in his final year in the White House … How good was that for the climate?”

The host of RT’s Going Underground, Afshin Rattansi, offered a similar solution view, asking, “What were the levels? of fossil fuel emissions released into the atmosphere by Obama’s destruction of The richest nation per capita in Africa, Libya? “

The United States military is the worlds largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gases, according to one studio of 2019 of Brown University. In fact, if the Pentagon were a nation, its emissions would exceed those of about 140 countries, including Sweden, Denmark and Portugal. From 2001 to 2018, the American wars and military the interventions generated approximately 1.27 billion tons of greenhouse gases.

Other observers have pointed out out That like many other leaders, Obama has made alarmist claims about climate change failing to make life choices that align with his rhetoric. For example, despite warning That rising sea ​​level threatens “swallow up entire communities “ bought a $ 11.75 million waterfront mansion on Martha’s vineyard in 2019. AND like many other COP26 dignitaries, the former the president flies via private jets and parties on private yacht.

Obama followed in the footsteps of his former Vice President, President Joe Biden, who he used his speech at COP26 last week to apologize for by Trump decision get out of the Paris climate agreement and said his predecessor put the United States “behind 8-ball” exiting the Paris climate agreement.

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However, Obama’s criticisms were not limited to Trump. He also reprimanded Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping for not having participated in COP26. He blamed Russia and China of displaying a “Dangerous lack of urgency” on climate issues. This despite the fact that more of the world leaders agree that global The Covid-19 pandemic is still on in course and those mass gatherings should be avoided if possible.

While Biden and US climate envoy John Kerry hoped to strengthen America’s image on climate change problems taking the unusual step of enlist a former president talking to tale event, it is not clear how much political influence that Obama still wields. He campaigned without success for Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe, who was defeated last week, just as its effort for help defeating the Brexit movement in the UK has backfired in 2016. That same year, Obama said Trump did not have chance of becoming president.

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