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Obama warns Democrats: don’t focus on chasing Trump .. Follow voter concerns

Former Democratic President Barack Obama warned Democrats not to focus too much on former President Donald Trump in the midterm elections and suggested focusing on the core issues that matter to most voters.

“We spend an insane amount of time, effort and resources pointing out the last crazy thing they said, or how they behaved. in rudely some of these Republican candidates, “the former president said during his Friday night appearance on the” Pod Save America “podcast.

“Maybe this isn’t something most voters have in lies and goes beyond their basic interests, “he warned.” What matters to voters is the rent payment and what are the gasoline prices? How do I manage childcare? “

Obama will lead in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin this month to help campaign for Democratic candidates in crucial states.

“The great thing that I think we do for us is that even with a very thin majority, what we have shown is that we can deliver,” Obama said on the podcast.

Obama’s appearance arrives in a difficult time for the Democrats, in which poll shows President Biden’s approval rate is about 44% among adults in the United States.

The poll also shows that only 32% agree with the White House’s handling of inflation. Across the economy, only 36% approved performance by Biden.

Furthermore, only 15% of respondents expressed strong agreement with their overall job performance.

Obama also suggested that Democrats should be careful not to be “murderers” by making people worry about “walking on eggshells” in the age of the culture of abolition.

“My family, my children, the job that gives me satisfaction and joy,” continued Obama. “Sometimes people just want not to feel like they’re walking on eggshells, and they want to recognize that life is a mess and that all of us, in any moment, he can say things the wrong way and make mistakes. “”.


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