Occupation forces arrest the Emirates in Tel Aviv

Activists circulated on social a video clip showing the moment in which Israeli security forces arrested two Emirati tourists in Tel Aviv, apparently by mistake, against the backdrop of a shooting in the area.

On Tuesday, Aug.2, Dizengoff Street in central Tel Aviv witnessed a fire attack from a motorcycle in an attempt to liquidate a criminal, according to The Times. of Israel. The video showed that an Israeli soldier tied the hand of one of the Emirati detainees while he was lying on the ground.

According to the Israeli newspaper, two Israelis attacked Emirati citizens and tried to forcibly arrest them until Israeli police arrived to arrest them. But after the investigation, it emerged that the two Emiratis were arrested by mistake, to be released.

An initial investigation found that two suspects on a motorcycle shot a third man in aauto on the street and the police say the target was a notorious criminal.