Oculus VR Wiz calls big-first name tech “bully” journalist

Veteran tech columnist Kara Swisher once branded as “the most powerful tech Journalist” in the United States, was accused of bullying to subjects of his reporting, even by launching ferocious personal attacks.

A heated exchange of the “pleasures” broke out on Twitter over the way Swisher announced an upcoming event that she and her co-host on the Pivot podcast should keep in Miami Beach. In mid-February the two will arrive in “to annoy” some of “The most irritating Silicon Valley people” life in Florida at their request, he joked.

Someone posted the quote, commenting: “tech people: we hate you, give us money”. To which the reporter replied: “Meet the perpetual snowflakes of tech who to go on And on on living theirs best he lives and then he can’t stand what is an obvious joke ”.

Lot of people irritated by his biting style, e one of the critics, virtual reality inventor Palmer Luckey, played in to remember that he once called him “plump”.

The reporter responded to the remark with a surprise “Did I? When?” and saying that if so true, she was “Certainly I’m sorry”. Luckey fired back a barrage of allegations, calling Swisher “A backyard bully” with a habit of kidding of peoplel ‘physical appearance.

“Your nickname includes calling me man, imbecile, a menace, not intelligent, a troll, etc. “ he tweeted. “The whole ‘I’m sorry and a serious one responsible the reporter’s shtick is so transparent. i wonnon do another interview with you, stop asking. “

Swisher interviewed Luckey together with Steve Wozniak in 2016. The youngest man is best known as the founder of Oculus VR, the manufacturer of virtual reality headset which is now owned by Meta di Mark Zucürberg. In addition to the state of a reporter from Silicon Valley, Swisher also has the advantage of greater experience over lucky, with a nearly 30-year age difference.

The witnesses of the exchange were eager to bring in ‘receipts‘- screenshot of Swisher’s tweets showing that guy of behavior.

Swisher, who has been described as “more powerful tech Journalist” in the United States, it is known for his often abrasive communication style, like when he used a news in advance on Yahoo to scold the company “Slow-moving chief PR “ for failing to get back to her three years ago.

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Source RT News.

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