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Oddly, Sunak rushes out of the climate conference room … and a newspaper reveals why

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak abruptly terminated his participation in the presentation of an environmental program at a climate change conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, The Sun newspaper said.

And newspaper commentator Harry Cole said in a tweet on Twitter that this behavior is not related to any emergency event.

“Downing Street sources insist that nothing serious has happened and that it is just a belated decision to meet with representatives from Germany and South Africa,” Cole wrote, commenting on a circulating video. online of Sonak and his advisers rushing out of the conference room during an event.

In the tape, the British Prime Minister appeared consulting on something with an employee of the Prime Minister’s office, then suddenly got up and left the room quickly with no explanation.

The incident sparked questions from users of social mediasome of whom believed that Sunak may have been informed of an unusual matter.

Interestingly, the British Prime Minister’s office refrained from official comments on this matter.


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