Odell Beckham Jr. addresses Browns’ persistent rumors: “It’s so special to leave”

Odell Beckham Jr. said “it’s too special to leave the Cleveland Browns amid doubts about its future with the NFL franchise.

Question marks over Beckham and where he will play beyond 2019 have dominated the headlines after the Browns star admitted he wasn’t sure what the future holds.

The three-time Pro Bowler – who has struggled to respond to the hype since his New York Giants trade to the Browns – had not been involved until Wednesday, when Beckham insisted he would return Cleveland in 2020.

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“I’m not going anywhere,” broadcaster Beckham told reporters. “I’ll be here, we’ll think about it, it’s very special to leave.”

Asked about returning next season, Beckham replied, “Yes, we will go here, do it again and be what we feel we should have and fix all the little mistakes and all the games we could have we do – that’s just too good. “

Beckham added: “I didn’t really buy a house here to put it up and leave it … and make home renovations and build a doghouse.

“I wanted to do it, it’s time to put it to bed, I’ll go here, I’ll have nothing more to talk about, I bought a house here for a reason, I called Baker (Mayfield) after my deal and Jarvis (Landry) ), and he talked about the future for a reason. I don’t know if it happened last week, if so, it’s not said, but here it is, I’ll put it on the table for you.

“I’ve really turned the page and I’m feeling a lot better about where I’m at. To see some of the old stuff coming back, I’m done with it.”

In his first season with the Browns, Beckham has 67 receptions and 910 yards for just two games through 14 games.

The Browns (6-8) face the high-flying Baltimore Ravens (12-2) on Sunday.

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