Officer senior from Apple: We will comply with EU law on iPhone chargers

Apple’s chief marketing officer Greg Joswiak said the iPhone maker should comply with a European Union law that approves a USB-C charging port for phones.

Joswiak added that the company will comply with the laws as always, but refused to specify a date for the adoption of the new iPhone charger port. in replacement of the current type, Lightning, as reported by “Bloomberg”, and seen by “Al”.

The Apple official noted that the company and the European Union were in disagreement over chargers for 10 years, citing an earlier European Union request for Apple to adopt a Micro-USB port.

He explained that neither Lightning – the iPhone’s current charging port – nor the now ubiquitous USB-C would have been invented had that step occurred.

Previously, reports from “Bloomberg”, “Mac Roomer” and others have stated that Apple plans to change the iPhone’s charging port to USB-C next year.

This is when the law comes in in force in 2024.

Apple has already moved Macs, many iPads, and accessories to USB-C from Lightning and other connectors.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal conference, Joswick joined Snap founder Evan Spiegel in rejecting the idea that a virtual world, known as a metaverse, would be the future of computing.

Metaverse is “a word I would never use,” Joswick said.

This came when Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg invested billions of dollars in this effort and went so far as to change the name of Facebook in Meta Platforms.

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