Gaming Official Pokémon ASMR is a fantastic way to chill...

Official Pokémon ASMR is a fantastic way to chill out


I’ve never truly been an ASMR person. The noise of another person’s voice isn’t necessarily relaxing for me. However an extremely charming Pokémon chewing cookies? Yes, that’ll do.

The Pokémon Company launched two ASMR-styled videos this week, one of which features grass-type Pokémon Chespin eating crunchy, colorful cookies. The other, which is also really great, is Charmander snoozing by a fire. (Honestly, The Pokémon Business missed out on a chance by not launching this one as a Yule Log video.) But really, it’s the Chespin video, published on the Pokémon Children TV YouTube channel, that’s got it all– part mukbang, part ASMR.

ASMR stands for self-governing sensory meridian response. Essentially, it’s that tingling sensation you receive from listening to specific noises. For some people, it’s things like tapping and hairbrushing. For others, it’s chewing or whispering. Obviously for me, it’s Pokémon crunching. Truthfully, my pet seems to like it, too– I’ve been playing it on repeat all early morning and hasn’t stopped searching for the source of the chewing.

If neither of these are up your alley, Nintendo’s actually got several ASMR videos on its YouTube channel. The series itself is called “Sights & Sounds,” and there are videos and recordings of individuals playing Nintendo Change in all sorts of places: the beach, the train, and in front of a fireplace.

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